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Dreamroller Steamroller - Black
The Dreamroller takes the classic steamroller pipe up several notches, with amazing design, rock solid construction and innovative features that have earned it a devoted fanbase. The Dreamroller offers an "all glass" smoking experience, with a high-quality borosilicate core, but wraps...
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Skull Mini Spoon Pipe - Blue
BRAINS!!! Actually, no brains whatsoever. That's because it's a scary skull pipe! This glass mini spoon pipe is just the thing to add some spookiness to your Halloween, or any time of year that you want to smoke out of...
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Stone Spoon Pipe
Untamed freedom and naturality versus human creativity & Ingenuity. A difficult balance to find, but when looking to the great white north of Canada you see that this is not an impossible blend. The same inventiveness and courage it takes...
Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller
The Fumed Ice Cube Steamroller has a unique shape. Like an elongated ice cube, the rectangular-shaped hand pipe has flat sides all over. This allows the steamroller to be placed on any one of its sides without falling over. The...
Glass Bowl
This male jointed funnel style replacement bowl is for female jointed water pipes. Available in 14mm 18mm, and 10mm.
Football Hand Pipe
If you're looking for the perfect gift to put a smile on your favorite football fan's face, look no further! The Football Hand Pipe is just what you need. It features striping, raised glass laces, and a super deep bowl. Measures...
Glass Dome and Nail
This glass dome and nail combo is perfect for replacing a lost of broken piece.
Fumed Bubble Chillum
Usually fumed glass is enough to set a pipe apart from others. This hand pipe takes it to another level with some intricate glassblowing. The Fumed Bubble Chillum has fumed glass tubing from end to end. Inside the fumed glass...
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Bubble Style Carb Cap - Clear
Although this Bubble Style Carb Cap is designed for a thermal banger, it can still be used on other nails to keep you from wasting any of that precious vapor. The Bubble Style Carb Cap has a vent at both...
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Candy Cane Sherlock Pipe
This candy cane shaped pipe is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! The red and white swirls create the perfect palette. Plus, this pipe is small enough that it fits easily into any stocking! Spread some cheeeeer! Measures about...
"Ugly Monster" Spoon Pipe
Although this hand pipe looks evil, it will quickly become your best friend. With its intricate worked glass details to the top of the line functionality, the Horned Maria Ring Spoon Pipe can easily become your daily driver. There are multiple...
"Twisted Visions" Spoon Pipe
This handy little travel pipe is made of color changing fumed glass with a lovely swirl of blue glass around it's surface. This piece is small enough to fit in your pocket but a deep bowl for your dry herbs...
"Lucky Claw" Lobster Hand Pipe
It's the rabbit's foot of the ocean deep! This "Lucky" Lobster Claw hand pipe is sure to right your ship even in the darkest of storms. Crafted from thick red glass and stronger than a crustacean's shell this hand blown...
Piper Silicone Hand Pipe - Teal
The Piper is the perfect little portable pipe from Ooze, offering you two ways to smoke in one easy to transport silicone pipe. The angled silicone piece is used to create a silicone spoon pipe with a glass bowl insert....
Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe
Just as their name suggests, every product from Higher Standards is held to just that and their Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe is no exception. Hand crafted in the USA this ergonomic hand pipe delivers smooth, flavorful smoke in a high...
Maria Ring Spoon Pipe
With the Maria Ring Spoon Pipe, you as the customer get ultimate customization. Not only do you get to choose the color of the tubing, you also get to select what color you want the accents. The accents are featured...
from $22.99
Maria Ring Glass Bowl
This male jointed funnel style replacement bowl is for female jointed water pipes. This replacement bowl features a Maria Ring for easier grip, and is thicker than a regular replacement bowl. Available in 14mm or 18mm.
Male to Male Glass Adapter
This adapter turns your female joint into a male joint. It allows you to use your water pipe for concentrates and female jointed accessories! They are available in 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm.
from $42.14
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Tentacle Spoon Pipe - White & Green
A beast from the deep abyss offered DankStop it's mighty tentacle. So of course, they made a hand pipe out of it! This glass pipe features an intriguing design with a colored glass body covered by raised suction cups. The tentacle's hook...
from $42.14
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Standing Elephant Head Bubbler
Thick, strong, and smart just like the animal it portrays, the Standing Elephant Head Bubbler is a work of art that happens to be a fully functional pipe. With its thick construction, this bubbler is not easy to break. Even...
Single Scoop Ice Cream Spoon Pipe - Grape Sherbet
Dairy free, soy free, low fat, This single scoop spoon is here to help you get a healthy serving of your favorite dry herbs!  Choose from 3 delicious flavors each topped with colorful sprinkles, served on a textured sandblasted cone...
Snowman Hand Pipe
This cute little snowman is the perfect glass pipe for holidays! This festive and adorable hand pipe features a detailed and smiling face and a scarf to keep him cozy so you can enjoy his smoky stylings anytime of year. You'll be in merry mood when...
Standing Cactus Chillum
No its not a mirage. This little pipe really can stand on its own! The Standing Cactus Chillum can sit on its deep bowl when not in use. The deep bowl has plenty of room for huge packs. The chillum is...
Rocky Fumed Hammer Style Bubbler
Here at Dankstop, you have many pieces that feature this "rocky" glass marble exterior to choose from! This version comes in a classic hammer bubbler style. The mouthpiece is flat, making an airtight seal easy to achieve and a level flat base for...
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