Abalone Cove Incycler Single Uptake - Seafoam and Black
This creatively redesigned incycler comes with a slit puck perc and vortex to deliver a nice smooth hit without all the splash back, the detached Dewar's joint allows for extra cooling time for your dab to be cool and tasty at any moment you want...
Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler
Elite dab rig that bundles must-have dab accessories. Everything about this piece, from the size to the style recycler used was designed the be Freeze Pipe's best dab rig. Features a laser-cut percolator (seriously!) for precise filtration and recycling water...
Freeze Pipe Recycler
The Freeze Pipe Recycler features a base with recycling function as the name suggests. Water is circulated between the upper and lower water chambers in order to maximize percolation and filtration while minimizing the necessary interior surface area. This makes...
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