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Eyce Solo - Bangin
Eyce Solo
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Banff Dugout and One Hitter
Practical and Durable, The Banff Dugout and One Hitter is constructed for those who don't want to compromise quality with portability. Handblown by expert glass makers using high grade, heat resistant, borosilicate glass and packaged in a portable Canadian Maple...
Northern Lights Taster Pipe
Untamed freedom and naturality versus human creativity & Ingenuity. A difficult balance to find, but when looking to the great white north of Canada you see that this is not an impossible blend. The same inventiveness and courage it takes...
1 Hit Chillum with Rubber Mouthpiece
This 1 hit chillum comes in a variety of colors and is fantastic for discreet and on the go smoking. This chillum is made from high grade aluminum and features a rubber mouthpiece and a removable top. The removable top...
Fumed Bubble Chillum
Usually fumed glass is enough to set a pipe apart from others. This hand pipe takes it to another level with some intricate glassblowing. The Fumed Bubble Chillum has fumed glass tubing from end to end. Inside the fumed glass...
Rasta Stripe Chillum
Chillums don't have to be boring or simple looking. The Rasta Stripe Chillum has an entrancing blue and white braid style body. The colored braids run from the tip of the flat mouthpiece twist at the bottom of the bowl...
Standing Cactus Chillum
No its not a mirage. This little pipe really can stand on its own! The Standing Cactus Chillum can sit on its deep bowl when not in use. The deep bowl has plenty of room for huge packs. The chillum is...
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Slider Glass Blunt - Black and Green
The Ooze Slider is a pocket-friendly glass blunt that comes in a variety of colors with a matching doob tube container that makes smoking on the go a breeze! Slide the mouthpiece tube down and pack the larger outer glass...
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Smoked Series Glass Taster
The Marley Natural brand now has a second high quality glass line in their series of excellent smoking devices. All of these new glass products feature tinted "smoked" glass and gold accents. All the pieces in the "Smoked" series come...
Tron Trail Chillum
Follow the mesmerizing lines on the Tron Trail Chillum. Multiple blue lines, reminiscent of the color scheme in the Tron franchise, run parallel to one another. Each line stretches from the mouthpiece, through the body, and to the tip of...
Piper Silicone Hand Pipe - Teal
The Piper is the perfect little portable pipe from Ooze, offering you two ways to smoke in one easy to transport silicone pipe. The angled silicone piece is used to create a silicone spoon pipe with a glass bowl insert....
12mm GRAV® Clear Taster - Pack of 10
Sometimes you want a Taster with a little more capacity. And sometimes you want a lot of them. That's when you reach for the 10 pack of 12mm GRAV® Clear Tasters. These sleek glass taster pipes have a substantial bowl at...
12mm GRAV® Clear Glass Taster Pipe
This 12mm GRAV® Taster in clear glass is such a handy piece. It's a glass Taster with a little more capacity, featuring a substantial bowl at one end, a mouthpiece at the other, and feature the GRAV® logo on the side. This awesome little Taster can easily...
12mm GRAV® Concentrate Taster - Pack of 5
For the times you can't take your rig with you, there's the 12mm GRAV® Concentrate Taster. This compact piece includes a glass arm and attached dish that's perfectly placed to use with plant extract. This 5 pack comes in assorted...
12mm GRAV® Whimsical Taster - Pack of 10
Live a little and have some fun with the 12mm GRAV® Whimsical Tasters. This assorted pack of 10 Tasters features bright and fun designs that will make you a social media star. They have a substantial bowl at one end...
16mm GRAV® Whimsical Taster - Pack of 10
Stand out from the crowd with a 10 pack of 16mm GRAV® Whimsical Tasters. Not only do these Tasters have an assortment of colorful glass and attention-grabbing designs, they also have the largest capacity of any Taster at GRAV. There's...
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16mm GRAV® Octo-taster with Silicone Skin - Assorted Colors - Black
What's better than a GRAV® Taster? A GRAV® Taster you can throw across the room without breaking it. The new 16mm GRAV® Octo-taster features a silicone skin on that's super bouncy and shock-absorbent, keeping the glass safe from impact. The pinched mouthpiece...
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3" Upline® Taster - Clear - Black Label
The Upline® Taster® is 3" long and made on 16mm tubing. Its extra-thick restrictions trap ash and ripple light, giving the impression of color and depth, and its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed. No accessories or water are necessary for using...
Ink Blue 4" One Hitter
Almost every smoker has used a one hitter (aka bat) at some point in their life. One hitters are so popular because they are super discreet and easy to use. One hitters is a super convenient, on-the-go smoking solution and ours features a...
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GRAV® 12mm Taster with Silicone Skin - Assorted Colors - Blue
What's better than a GRAV® Taster? A GRAV® Taster you can throw across the room without breaking it. The silicone skin on the new 12mm GRAV® Tasters is as bouncy and shock-absorbent as any rubber. The pinched mouthpiece acts as...
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Eyce Shorty Taster - mermaidpur
Eyce Shorty Taster
from $6.30
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Sea Foam Dream Chillum
With a color scheme like this, you will want to take this hand pipe to the beach for a long, relaxing smoke sesh. The Sea Foam Dream Chillum is made for smoking your favorite dry herbs or tobacco while the waves...
Clear Slyme Spiral Chillum - Green
The Clear Slyme Spiral Chillum provides you with a beautiful view of the action. Between the Spiraling slyme that travels up and down the chillums exterior is strips of clear glass letting you see the pipe fill with smoke every...
Pastel Marble Swirled Chillum - Green
Chillums make for a time tested spectacular travel companion for smokers, and the Pastel Marble Chillum is no exception. made from quality glass this little piece is both sturdy and beautiful with pastel slyme color as it's base and a...
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