Refillable Wrench Lighter
Hot Tool Firing up a joint with the Wrench Lighter shows everyone you know your tools and how to use them! This little novelty lighter has a great feel in hand, a look that gets attention, and is super simple...
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Mini Confidant - Black
This miniature version of the "Confidant" from Revelry features all the same features in a more compact form. This smell proof pouch boasts a 3 layer activated charcoal liner, ensuring and pungent odors are kept securely inside. This pouch is...
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Large Match Bottle - Black
Higher Standards has artfully crafted these Large Match Bottles to not only be a lovely decorative touch to your home, but a functional part of it as well. Higher Standard's silk screened triangular decal stretches across the outside of the...
SABR Torch Lighter
The SABR lighter is a great on-the-go torch with a convenient shovel for flower or powdery concentrates.  The SABR torch lighter lasts for many sessions and heats up quartz incredibly fast.   Features: Quad Outtakes Poker for packing Swivel Shovel On/of...
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