Pipe Stix Cotton Swabs Box of 60
Box of 60 Premium Quality Cotton Swabs. Hard cotton makes them durable enough to clean inside pipes, percs, and any device you may need it for.Wooden end acts as a chisel when needed for hard to clean areas. Long handle...
from $3.00
Silicone Cleaner
Eyce cleaning formula is a multi surface, multi purpose cleaner. Plant based and non toxic, this cleaner is created to remove build up and grime from your silicone bongs, rigs, and pipes, especially from your Eyce brand products with the...
from $9.99
Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner
Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner Cleans plant matter, waxes, and cannabis concentrate extracts This Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner is a natural, multi-surface cannabis extract cleaning product. The 470ml bottle of the company’s new formula is designed specifically for cannabis growers, oil...
Barbed Pipe Cleaners
Pipe cleaners can be used for those hard to reach areas inside your glass. Nucleus Barbed Pipe Cleaners increase the cleaning power by having tiny spikes sticking out of the body. This might seem like a minuscule development but can...
PHREND - Light Green
Discretion With Every Exhale Introducing the PHREND! The newest addition to the PHILTER Phamily and our 1st product featuring a biodegradable filter. Made of plant-based polymer, this filter will decompose in less than 3 years compared to nearly a thousand...
HEMPER Tech Odor Eliminator Spray
Description HEMPER Tech Odor Eliminator Spray is the best way to get rid of smoke and other unwanted odors, at home or on the go. This dry aerosol spray is specially formulated with enzymes to trap and neutralize even the...
30 Pack of Dot Wipes
Box of 30 individually wrapped dot wipe rags. Great for polishing and touching up your pieces, durable and dual textured for tough cleaning. Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Solution. Pair with other Higher Standards cleaning supplies for even greater results!
Philter Pocket - Gray
Philter Pocket
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