BLAZE Wooden Rolling Tray
The Blaze Rolling Tray from Blue Bus Fine Tools is an incredible high-end rolling kit with tons of tools and accessories. Crafted from sustainable bamboo with finishing work of the highest standard, this wooden rolling tray features carved compartments for the array...
HEMPER It's Lit! Camouflage Rolling Tray
Description If you're tired of making a mess and losing plant material when you're rolling up, its time to take your rolling game to the next level. The HEMPER It's Lit Rolling Trays don't just keep your rolling space clean, they keep what...
2 in 1 Rolling Tray - Bangin
Combining their ProTeck platinum cured silicone with quality borosilicate glass, The Eyce Rolling Tray is a 2-in-1 is a must have for any smokers collection. Functioning together or separately, the inner glass tray provides an elegant base for working with...
Lock Stash Box
Marley Natural products are hand crafted from the finest wood and other materials, delivering a high quality product made with love, every purchase.  Thoughtful ingenuity and masterful craftsmanship makes The Marley Natural Storage Lock Box a stash container like no...
Wooden Rolling Tray
This wooden rolling tray has not only been sustainably sourced from North America, but Marley Natural has also ensured it to be well-engineered.It features a contoured cutout corner that's meant for convenient pouring, and even comes with a magnetic scraper....
from $76.00
Mini Magnet Tray
Big Win, Little Magnet It’s so widdle and cute! But, the RAW Tiny Tray Magnet is a steel magnet with a big message; you roll! It can adorn more than hats, too, with powerful magnetic, RAWthentic goodness: the fridge, a...
Goody Glass - Yellow Big Face Rolling Tray
Description This is the perfect place to roll up. No more messes and clean rolls – that's what our trays are for.  Our trays are both durable and stylish, perfect for rolling up daily at home, or neatly rolling up when...
from $9.80
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