18" x 9mm Pink Unicorn Specialty Slab Beaker Bong
Please allow 1-2 weeks production time, this piece is made in Los Angeles to order. Our reliable 18" 9mm thick glass Beaker Bong only gets better with our special slabs. Every 9mm beaker bong is packed and shipped with love from our HQ in...
Standing Elephant Head Bubbler
Thick, strong, and smart just like the animal it portrays, the Standing Elephant Head Bubbler is a work of art that happens to be a fully functional pipe. With its thick construction, this bubbler is not easy to break. Even...
Goody Unicorn Hand Pipe
Description Bring some live into your collection with our wildest series yet! Goody Glass presents Goody Animals, our very first series of animal inspired pipes. Each animal pipe is hand crafted and has its own personality, so grab them all...
from $42.14
  • + 1
Tentacle Spoon Pipe - Gray & White
A beast from the deep abyss offered DankStop it's mighty tentacle. So of course, they made a hand pipe out of it! This glass pipe features an intriguing design with a colored glass body covered by raised suction cups. The tentacle's hook...
from $42.14
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Elephant Head Sherlock Pipe
The Elephant Head Sherlock Pipe has very detailed worked glass from end to end. There are even wrinkles on the elephant's forehead and trunk. The worked glass trunks are ivory white and the ears have a maroon tint. And don't worry about...
Glass Elephant Hand Pipe - Rasta
This glass hand pipe has an awesome elephant themed design. This pipe is perfect for all of you animal lovers out there. It is made from thick borosilicate glass and features clear glass accents. This elephant comes in blue colored...
Unicorn Pipe Mug
This colorful Unicorn Pipe Mug will make your mornings explode with magic! Just add coffee or tea, along with a sprinkle of herb, and you’re all set for a real rainbow of a day. That’s because this adorable Unicorn is a...
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