Budsy Water Bottle Pipe - Voodoo
A Stealthy Bong Disguised As A Water Bottle! Keep your smoking gear hidden in plain sight with the Puffco Budsy secret water bottle bong! It looks just like a standard water bottle...but it's not 🤫 This stealthy water bottle bong employs exceptional design and quality materials to make...
Dopezilla Glass Straight Tube Ice Bong – Hydra Hail Hydra! Here comes the gigantic, snake-like monster with multiple heads High quality borosilicate glass Straight tube 18.8mm ground joint Inside-cut 18.8mm > 14.5mm slitted diffuser Coloured 14.5mm herb bowl with handle...
from $72.58
Puffco Cupsy - Hidden Coffee Cup Pipe
The Puffco Cupsy is a water pipe disguised as a coffee cup! The Cupsy Coffee Cup Pipe is made by Puffco, the same folks that make Budsy, a Water Bottle Bong that looks like a regular bottle, but actually conceals...
Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe
This 8" water pipe is constructed with thick clear glass to form its bubble base and glass downstem that connects with a rubber grommet style joint. It's mouthpiece is made with a durable thick glass lip to improve the longevity...
Ogre High quality borosilicate glass Bent neck straight tube base 14.5mm Female Joint Male 14.5mm quartz banger Drum percolator No carb hole Colourful accents on the mouthpiece, bowl and monster logo   Dopezilla has launched a new collection that includes...
Pink Frog Teal Spoon Pipe
An intricate and adorable pink frog grips this teal spoon pipe. This charming frog pipe is handcrafted from the highest quality borosilicate glass and features a nice deep bowl.
Leafy Green Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe
The Leafy Green Mushroom Milli Spoon Pipe has quite the relaxing effect thanks to its worked glass artistry. A large green leaf stems out near the bowl on the opposite side of the carb hole. It curves over the body of...
Hedorah 11" - Milky Jade
The sleek 11" Hedorah Tree Perc Beaker features slimy green color accents with a clear center water chamber with a tree perc beaker and sweet ice catcher sitting just above. A second level of filtration can be found in the...
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Frosted Ring Mini Beaker - White
How about some frosting on top? Several features make the Frosted Ring Mini Beaker a unique waterpipe. The multi-colored glass top with a clear beaker base may be the first noticeable feature, but look closer, and you'll see that the...
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Standing Cactus Chillum
No its not a mirage. This little pipe really can stand on its own! The Standing Cactus Chillum can sit on its deep bowl when not in use. The deep bowl has plenty of room for huge packs. The Standing Cactus...
Everyday Essentials 5” Bent Neck Beaker Water Pipe - White
Handcrafted from the high-quality thick borosilicate glass, this mini-sized 5” Bent Neck Beaker provides impressive hits in a compact and travel-friendly package. Thick Borosilicate Glass Bent Neck w/ Beaker Base Ergonomic Design for Easy Operation Ice Pinch for Frosty Cool...
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Famous X 3" Rainbow Prism Fumed Spoon Hand Pipe
Get Fuming! This essential Fumed Glass spoon pipe from Famous X is perfect for portability. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass and only 3” in length its compact size makes it ideal for any situation. Although it may be small, this...
Twisted Pipe
Roller Coaster High This fun hand pipe is made from handblown, borosilicate glass. The deep bowl allows you to pack a little or a lot based on your session. There is a left-side carb to help regulate airflow and cool your...
Tron Trail Chillum
Follow the mesmerizing lines on the Tron Trail Chillum. Multiple blue lines, reminiscent of the color scheme in the Tron franchise, run parallel to one another. Each line stretches from the mouthpiece, through the body, and to the tip of...
Colored Glass Sherlock Bubbler
No frills on this Sherlock Bubbler, just sleek quality. Made from thick, clear glass with a lovely purple tint this Sherlock bubbler makes for an excellent daily driver. Hard to beat the smooth hit of a bubbler, just a little...
12” Hexagon Base Beaker Water Pipe with Tree Percolator - Green
Handcrafted from the highest quality thick borosilicate glass, our full-sized 12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe provides massive hits in a convenient and well-designed package. Thick Borosilicate Glass Straight Design w/ Hexagon Beaker Base Slitted 4-Arm Tree Percolator Ice Pinch...
12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe with Tree Percolator - Blue
Handcrafted from the highest quality thick borosilicate glass, our full-sized 12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe provides massive hits in a convenient and well-designed package. Thick Borosilicate Glass Straight Design w/ Quad Beaker Base Slitted 4-Arm Tree Percolator Ice Pinch...
12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong
This 12" water bong fits into the beaker design category. The beaker base is wide and maintains its stability. The straight neck has a flared mouthpiece for added comfortability and is 5mm thick so it is durable. The rubber grommet...
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Skull Mini Spoon Pipe - Blue
BRAINS!!! Actually, no brains whatsoever. That's because it's a scary skull pipe! This glass mini spoon pipe is just the thing to add some spookiness to your Halloween, or any time of year that you want to smoke out of...
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Snowman Hand Pipe
This cute little snowman is the perfect glass pipe for holidays! This festive and adorable hand pipe features a detailed and smiling face and a scarf to keep him cozy so you can enjoy his smoky stylings anytime of year. You'll be in merry mood when...
Candy Cane Sherlock Pipe
This candy cane shaped pipe is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season! The red and white swirls create the perfect palette. Plus, this pipe is small enough that it fits easily into any stocking! Spread some cheeeeer! Measures about...
Golf Tee Hand Pipe
A perfect gift for the avid golfer/smoker, the Golf Tee Hand Pipe looks like the real thing. The bowl resembles an actual golf ball while the black body looks like a tee. There is a side carb hole and the head...
Sea Foam Dream Chillum
With a color scheme like this, you will want to take this hand pipe to the beach for a long, relaxing smoke sesh. The Sea Foam Dream Chillum is made for smoking your favorite dry herbs or tobacco while the waves...
"Twisted Visions" Spoon Pipe
This handy little travel pipe is made of color changing fumed glass with a lovely swirl of blue glass around it's surface. This piece is small enough to fit in your pocket but a deep bowl for your dry herbs...
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