Dropdown Adapter
This Drop Down Adapter is 4" in length, and is perfect if you're looking to change both the joint location and its size to use with your rig or bong. Use this clear glass Z-Shape converter with a 1.5" drop...
Male to Male Glass Adapter
This adapter turns your female joint into a male joint. It allows you to use your water pipe for concentrates and female jointed accessories! They are available in 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm.
Pipe Stix Cotton Swabs Box of 60
Box of 60 Premium Quality Cotton Swabs. Hard cotton makes them durable enough to clean inside pipes, percs, and any device you may need it for.Wooden end acts as a chisel when needed for hard to clean areas. Long handle...
from $3.00
2 in 1 Rolling Tray - Bangin
Combining their ProTeck platinum cured silicone with quality borosilicate glass, The Eyce Rolling Tray is a 2-in-1 is a must have for any smokers collection. Functioning together or separately, the inner glass tray provides an elegant base for working with...
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Confidant - Black
Similarly to the Broker, Revelry's Confidant makes a great every day single pocket bag that is perfect for carrying your dry herbs and concentrates along with their necessary accessories due to it's odor absorbing carbon lined interior and water resistant...
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Secret Stash Belt
I cannot stress enough how tiny the zipper pocket is on this stash belt. A hidden zipper pocket sits at the small of the back and can store money, maybe a joint, and other very small items you wish to...
Secret Stash Clock
When the clock strikes 4:20 you'll know exactly where to go! You'll be singing "Turn back the clock to the smokin' time, and hit this bong with me"!! This Wall Clock does a bit more than just tell time. Swing...
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