"Lucky Claw" Lobster Hand Pipe
It's the rabbit's foot of the ocean deep! This "Lucky" Lobster Claw hand pipe is sure to right your ship even in the darkest of storms. Crafted from thick red glass and stronger than a crustacean's shell this hand blown...
"Mandala Disk" Channel Carb Cap
The dab game is ever evolving. You need to look no further for evidence of this than the carb cap, that was non existent in the days of dome and nail attachments, and is now an integral part of the...
"Migi" Dichro Stripe Fritted Hand Pipe
Between the fritted color scheme and dichro stripe, this spoon would be cool enough but look closer and you'll see it also has a little friend! The Dichro Stripe Fritted Hand Pipe has a little creature hidden on it, and is...
"Twisted Visions" Spoon Pipe
This handy little travel pipe is made of color changing fumed glass with a lovely swirl of blue glass around it's surface. This piece is small enough to fit in your pocket but a deep bowl for your dry herbs...
"Ugly Monster" Spoon Pipe
Although this hand pipe looks evil, it will quickly become your best friend. With its intricate worked glass details to the top of the line functionality, the Horned Maria Ring Spoon Pipe can easily become your daily driver. There are multiple...
"Wake n Bake" Breakfast Hand Pipe
There's no better way to start the day than with the "Wake n Bake" Breakfast Hand Pipe. Complete with eggs and sausage, this spoon pipe looks like a frying pan you would use to cook up your favorite breakfast foods. Instead...
"Yin" Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe - Black
With the Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe, you get a black opaque, morion colored pipe. You will receive a durable hand pipe with precision cut features. The joint fits the included mesh screen bowl, which is easy to take out for...
1 Hit Chillum with Rubber Mouthpiece
This 1 hit chillum comes in a variety of colors and is fantastic for discreet and on the go smoking. This chillum is made from high grade aluminum and features a rubber mouthpiece and a removable top. The removable top...
10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter
If you have a 10mm male jointed dab rig, you can use the 10mm Female to 10mm Female Adapter to change it to a female joint. This is perfect for when you want to use a 10mm male banger nail on...
10mm Female to 14mm Male Adapter
While 10mm water pipes can be found more often than not, 10mm bowls and dab nails are harder to come across. With the 10mm Female to 14mm Male Adapter you can change your 10mm male rig to a 14mm one. This...
12" Rubber Grommet Beaker Base Bong
This 12" water bong fits into the beaker design category. The beaker base is wide and maintains its stability. The straight neck has a flared mouthpiece for added comfortability and is 5mm thick so it is durable. The rubber grommet...
14/18mm Female Ceramic Domeless Nail
14mm & 18mm Female Domeless Ceramic Nail. Fits both 14mm & 18mm Male Joints Large Dish Bowl Bowl Helps Prevent Clogging with Raised Center Tube White Ceramic Nail Free Shipping in the USA! Worldwide shipping available.
14mm Female to 18mm Female Adapter
There are numerous attachments that can improve your water pipe's functionality. The problem is they do not always come in the necessary size and gender to fit your set-up. The 14mm Female to 18mm Female Adapter allows you to take any...
180˚ 14mm Male to 18mm Female Adapter
This 180˚ glass on glass adapter converts your 14mm female joint into an 18mm female joint.
18mm Male to 14mm Female Adapter
Use this glass adapter to convert your 14mm Male Joint dab rig for concentrates into a 18mm Male Jointed Water Pipe to allow you to smoke herb with a 18mm Female Joint Bowl! If flipped around, this adapter can also...
25mm Quartz Banger Nail
These 25mm Quartz Banger Nails up your dab sesh to the top! These beautiful banger buckets come in either 45 or 90-degree angles, 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm M/F sizes. They feature premium quartz for a sturdy bucket base and work...
2mm Thick Quartz Banger Nail
This domeless quartz banger nail is a unique concentrate accessory that provides several benefits over a standard quartz nail. The innovative banger design is available in your choice of clear joint sizes (10mm, 14mm, or 18mm) and fits easily over...
3 Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher - Clear
This ashcatcher comes in almost every style you need to fit your bong. Choose between joint size, angle and even color. Every variation comes with a three arm tree perc and is made with thick, scientific glass. Use this ashcatcher...
4mm Thick Quartz Banger Nail
When purchasing any kind of dab nail, it is important to consider thickness and durability. Dab nails absorb a great deal of heat and therefore stress. Although some nails do not seem too expensive, once you have gone through a...
8-Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher - Green
This scientific glass ashcatcher features an 8 arm tree percolator. Enjoy more smooth smoke and a cleaner water pipe by using a percolated ash catcher. It is available in your choice of 14mm or 18mm joints, as well as green,...
Ashcatcher Bowl - Clear
Ever have an ashcatcher but no bowl? Do you wish your ashcatcher was a more convenient size? Welcome the Ashcatcher Bowl! With a fixed downstem, the Ashcatcher Bowl keeps your bong clean while diffusing your smoke. The glass bowl comes...
Bent Neck Tall Can Bong - Jade
 Crushable Can The Bent-Neck Tall Can Bongs crystal clear chamber looks as if the color accented base and mouthpiece are connected by nothing but air, but that will certainly change when you fill the tall chamber with bountiful clouds of...
Bowling Pin Hand Pipe
Cult Classic Glass Sometimes there's a pipe... I won't say a spoon, 'cause, what's a spoon? But sometimes, there's a pipe. And I'm talkin' about the Bowling Pin Hand Pipe here. Sometimes, there's a pipe, well, it's the pipe for...
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Bubble Style Carb Cap - Clear
Although this Bubble Style Carb Cap is designed for a thermal banger, it can still be used on other nails to keep you from wasting any of that precious vapor. The Bubble Style Carb Cap has a vent at both...
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