Wooden Magnetic Dugout Box

$35.00 $29.80

This beautiful Wooden Magnetic Dugout from RYOT is an awesome portable stash box with multiple compartments and tons of features.

Known as the MPB, or Magnetic Poker Box, this dugout has a spring-loaded compartment for a standard 3" bat, alongside another compartment for holding dry material.

The RYOT MPB wooden dugout's patented lid and poker design is super functional and fun to use. The cleverly designed lid swivels open and shut with the help of super strong magnets embedded in the wood. This helps keep your stash, and smells, contained. 

Swivel open the magnetic lid and watch the bat pop up, ready to use. This also opens the stash compartment. Super cool.

The unique pistol grip feels great in your hand. You'll want to use this thing all day. Pack it up, grab a lighter and you’re set to jet!  


  • Durable wooden construction
  • Magnetic poker and lid
  • Storage for smoking blends
  • Unique pistol grip design
  • Fits all standard taster bats
  • Dimensions: 4.25" L x 2" W x .625"
  • Taster Bat Included
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