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Puffco Plus


The most awarded concentrate vape pen ever gets even better with the incredible Puffco Plus portable vaporizer.

Clever and efficient design make using the Puffco Plus a plus-sized pleasure. A loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap are all built into the mouthpiece. It makes loading concentrates super easy. Simply press down on the silicone top to extend the loading tool, no muss no fuss.

For vaping high quality concentrates on the go, or anywhere for that matter, it's hard to go wrong with this primo pen.

How to use the Puffco Plus:

  • Hit the "cloud" button five times to toggle on/off
  • Hit the "cloud" button four times to cycle through the three temperature settings. (Blue/Low; Green/Medium; and Red/High).


  • Large coil-less ceramic chamber
  • Variable temperature
  • Compatible with oil
  • Integrated mouthpiece/loading tool
  • Length: 6in
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