Klear Kryptonite Naked Multi-Purpose Glass Cleaner - 470ML



Tired of cleaning your bongs/rigs to only find out that it's still not clean?! You won't have to worry about that no more with this brand new klear krypotinite multi-purpose cleaning solution!  Klear Kryptonite Naked Bong Cleaner is the first and only color free and fragrance-free multi-surface glass and bong cleaner on the market! 

Plus, you won't have to get a workout in anymore when trying to clean your favorite piece.  This cleaning solution eliminates the need to recklessly shake your delicate glass or ceramic pieces with abrasive material. The simple “Coat, Relax, Rinse” solution cleans percolators, down stems, bowls, and other places that are difficult to clean with salt and isopropyl alcohol.

It’s safe to use on glass, metal, hands, sinks, tools, extraction tubes and clothing.


  • 1 bottle contains 470ml of Klear Kryptonite Naked solution and should last 20+ bong cleanings when used properly.
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