Backflip Rolling Tray


RAWtastic Striped Bamboo

Striped bamboo is irresistibly beautiful in the RAW Backflip Rolling Tray with its alternating dark and light wood bands. Running your palm across the grain, you'll be surprised to feel how smooth this wooden weed storage box is. 

When closed, the RAW Backflip Rolling Tray has four neodymium magnets on one side and finger indentations on the other. This simplistic beauty promises something good inside, and it’s just begging to be opened. Fortunately, working with this RAW gear is a snap.


Magnetic Rolling Tray Magic

Just a fingertip in the groove is all it takes to pop the magnetic RAW Backflip Rolling Tray pieces apart. Together with four strong magnets in each corner, it’s perfectly machined for a tremendous magnetic seal that pops right apart like a book.

Those four magnets on the backside also come together in a snap, making the two halves whole with a quick click. Open it like a book, and it’s almost like a ‘hinged’ rolling tray as they snap together. And when they do- well, it’s perfect for rolling. 


A Place For Everything

RAW knows their business, they know their customer, and they made the RAW Backflip Rolling Tray with a place for everything. One-half of the tray is a large area to work with flowers. There's a quarter pipe crutch/scoop cleverly positioned with a magnet so the case can close.

The other half of this magnetic rolling tray is where most of the magic happens. There’s a trench for a cone tool, a place for a lighter, rolling machine or hemp wick, six cone stacking holes, and a slot for King Size rolling papers right behind.

Right in the corner is the round hole for the herb grinder, marking the RAW Backflip Rolling Tray as real with the perfectly carved RAWthentic logo.

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